Überlingen Roofs and Church Clock Tower, Germany

Uberlingen Roofs, Germany (Überlingen in German)

Uberlingen Roofs by Tatiana Travelways

When traveling and wandering the streets of a city or town, I like to look up to see roofs, windows, towers and all kinds of architectural elements. People living in an urban area for many years usually pass in a hurry ignoring things that only tourists look at… what a miss!

Überlingen is a beautiful historic city on Lake Constance (Bodensee), Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. It dates back to Roman time, and during the history many architectural European styles have been developed from Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, to Classic and Modern. However, not only in this city but throughout the whole country, there is something specific that tells you that you are in Germany and not anywhere else. This comes from the local master architects, sculptors, craftsmen and German artists – well known for their talent.

My photo shows the clock tower of the Birnau church – one of the most beautiful pilgrimage church in Baden-Wurttemberg, raising above the Uberlingen roofs. The church has a Baroque architecture, BTW.

** The Uberlingen roofs picture it’s also available as art print for wall, home decor and gifts. Click on it to see options on print types, sizes and prices.

Uberlingen Roofs framed print by Tatiana Travelways

Uberlingen Roofs framed wall art print by Tatiana Travelways.

PS: I like challenges, and for the June Roof Squares game at WP.com, I think a Throw Pillow with the the Uberlingen roofs  image would fit perfectly 🙂 Here you can see some more  prints as roof throw-pillows in my Fine Art America collection.

Uberlingen pillow

Actually, I think that a shower curtain or tote bag would fit in a square format too 😉

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