BlueNose the Nova Scotia Champion, Icon and Ambassador

Bluenose II skooner in Lunenburg, Canada

BlueNose is the Champion, Icon and Ambassador of Nova Scotia says the official website that describes this famous Canadian symbol.

Bluenose II is a replica of the original schooner that was launched in 1921 and used for fishing and racing – undefeated in international competitions for 17 years.

Bluenose II skooner in Lunenburg, Canada by Tatiana Travelways

This ship still sails in the Atlantic Ocean waters of Nova Scotia. My husband and I took a sailing cruise on it in 2008, too – what a great experience! We were even allowed to take the helm for a while, under supervision of course… In the first place I thought it was not a big deal, but I was wrong… the water was rough and the boat big and heavy 🙂  – if you are interested taking a cruise, here are details on the schedule.

BTW: I’m proud to say that I sold a big canvas print of this picture awhile ago. Thank you buyer from Gladstone, MI! 🙂

Blue Nose II Nova Scotia, Canvas Print by Tatiana Travelways

The schooner’s home-place is Lunenburg, a small historic town in Nova Scotia. However sometimes the ship also comes to Halifax, like for the Tall Ship festival, for example. I think that these kind of events, and also all the sailing and fishing boats floating along the coast, gave Nova Scotia the name of “Canada’s Ocean Playground” – you can see this on all the license plates of this Canadian Province.

It was a a cold foggy day in September and the boat was anchored in Lunenburg. I like the perspective of the harbor with the ship in the foreground, so I took the shot.

Bluenose II in Luneburg, Nova Scotia in a foggy September day, by Tatiana travelways

You can tell that I love boats and Atlantic Canada, and not only in Newfoundland 🙂

Here are two more versions of the famous Bluenose II in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Bluenose II schooner vertical by Tatiana Travelways
Buenose schooner II - vertical framed by Tatiana Travelways

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