Mexican La Calavera Catrina on the Day of the Dead

Mexican La Calavera Catrina and the Day of the Dead

Mexican La Calavera Catrina and the Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead – Día de los Muertos holiday is over, but the fun in Mexico never ends 🙂 During the celebration, the central… Read More

Switzerland – Cabins in Snow Watercolor Paintings

Switzerland – Cabins in Snow  Watercolor Paintings by Sabina von Arx Cabins in the Grison Alps Wooden cabins and barns in the wonderful winter landscape in the Sertig Valley, Switzerland.  The Sertig Valley is located in… Read More

Prague Architecture from River Vltava

When we were in Prague, we took a sunset cruise on the Vtlava. The views from the river were spectacular. The Prague skyline  is a full of spires and wonderful shapes. The beautiful Prague architecture made… Read More

Who said Mexicans were poor

Who said Mexicans were poor…? – an unusual encounter!

Who said Mexicans were poor…?? Click on the photos for a larger view. This is a view from the back of a classic Mercedes Benz car, cruising one of the narrow downhill streets in Guanajuato, Mexico. Well,… Read More

Empire State Building by Sharon Popek

The Beauty of Solo Travel

Traveling alone is a double edged sword. The beauty of solo travel allows for a great deal of freedom. I decide where to go and when. I get to choose whether we walk or take transportation…. Read More

Cape Bonavista coastline fence, by Tatiana Travelways

Cape Bonavista Coastline Fence

Cape Bonavista coastline fence I generally like fences visually, not theoretically… 😉 They make a delimitation between spaces and create a focal point to an image that otherwise would not have too much visual appeal. In… Read More

Laundry in Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Guatemala

Laundry day by the Atitlan lakeside, Guatemala

Laundry day by the Atitlan lakeside, in Panajachel, Guatemala – Black and White photography Lake Atitlan (Atitlán) is a huge and beautiful lake in Guatemala – a very touristic place, especially for the North Americans. It… Read More

Backyard Friends digital art

Backyard Friends digital art

Backyard Friends Digital art in the Norman Rockwell style I took this photo in the backyard of a house we were staying in for a two-week vacation visiting Washington  State. The owners had some cute and… Read More

Ephemeral - paning photography on a group of flying birds on the beeach


Ephemeral There was a time when I was always holding my camera wherever I was going… it was like a part of my body 🙂 One day, when I happened to be on the beach in… Read More

Life is Beautiful - laughing bug art print

Life is Beautiful!

Life is beautiful 🙂 While playing with an old PS Canon camera that takes good macros, I noticed this funky bug, that to me looked like it was laughing 🙂 That spring day in Ontario, Canada… Read More

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