Medieval destination in a modern era, a look at Ponte Vecchio in Florence by Eduardo José Accorinti

Medieval destination in a modern era, a look at Florence

Medieval destination in a modern era, a look at the beautiful Firenze, Italy Florence is a beautiful city in Italy with many attractions to visit, an incredible medieval destination for sure. It’s an ideal place for architecture… Read More

Cabo Sunrise by Connor Beekman

Cruise to Cabo San Lucas

“Cruise to Cabo San Lucas” by Connor Beekman The hot sun shines down on a rocky hillside dotted with cacti and shrubs, while a plain blue sky spans above the arid landscape. Fewer than ten inches… Read More

Marina Bay Sands Resort - Singapore by Richard Krebs

Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore If you like futuristic, “out-of-the-box” architecture, then you must see the Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore, when you travel to Southeast Asia.  The three 55 story hotel towers are… Read More

Natural lookout in Tarragona, photography by Eduardo Accorinti

Natural lookout in Tarragona, Spain

Natural lookout in Tarragona, Spain Spain is a country with many contrasts. There you can find ancient ruins and incredible landscapes, as well as beautiful modern architecture. This is a natural lookout right next to the… Read More

Sydney Skyline at Night by Kim Wilder Hinson

Sydney Skyline at Night

The Sydney skyline at night is magical with the lights of its iconic buildings and historic bridge reflecting in the river. Since retiring, my husband and I have traveled nearly full time as house and cat… Read More

Colorful houses in the photograph "Hidden Magical Alley" by Eduardo José Accorinti

Colorful houses, a magical hidden alley in Burano, Italy

Colorful houses hidden in a magical alley, the dreamlike Italian city called Burano These picturesque colorful houses were hidden in a magical alley of this incredible city in Italy called Burano, near Venice. It´s a fantastic… Read More

Treasury at Petra, Jordan, by Richard Krebs

The Treasury at Petra, Jordan, a Well-preserved Temple from Ancient Times

This wall art could enhance your living room or den To view this, and my other art photography please visit: The Treasury at Petra, Jordan, a well-preserved temple from ancient times, is one of the… Read More

Portofino Italy

Portofino Italy, a magnificent resort town on the Italian Riviera

Portofino Italy This absolutely magnificent resort town is on the Italian Riviera. – A get-away for the rich and famous and for upscale tourists alike. It is quiet, laid back, architecturally stunning and has a beautiful… Read More

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Creating Travel Maps

I am an avid traveler and an artist. While I love straight (not heavily retouched) photos, I do sometimes feel I’m taking the same photo over and over. When that happens, I like to challenge myself… Read More

Cuba - Trinidad - landscape - travel photography

Cuba Landscape

Cuba is filled with mountains and palm trees. One of the best views is this landscape along the road between Trinidad and Playa Ancon. ‘Cuban Landscape’ is a popular image, receiving eight group features on Fine Art… Read More

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