Donaueschingen Danube River Spring

Donaueschingen Danube River Source

Donaueschingen Danube River Source – A place worth visiting. The top image of this post features “Donau Quelle” which is the German for Danube River Spring. For those who don’t know, Danube is the second biggest… Read More

Cabo Sunrise by Connor Beekman

Cruise to Cabo San Lucas

“Cruise to Cabo San Lucas” by Connor Beekman The hot sun shines down on a rocky hillside dotted with cacti and shrubs, while a plain blue sky spans above the arid landscape. Fewer than ten inches… Read More

Marina Bay Sands Resort - Singapore by Richard Krebs

Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore If you like futuristic, “out-of-the-box” architecture, then you must see the Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore, when you travel to Southeast Asia.  The three 55 story hotel towers are… Read More

Sydney Skyline at Night by Kim Wilder Hinson

Sydney Skyline at Night

The Sydney skyline at night is magical with the lights of its iconic buildings and historic bridge reflecting in the river. Since retiring, my husband and I have traveled nearly full time as house and cat… Read More

Cinque Terre by Aashish Vaidya

Five Marvelous Coastal Towns of Italy

Five Marvelous Coastal Towns of Italy Five Marvelous Coastal Towns of Italy. Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italian Riviera By Aashish Vaidya.Cinque Terre is a collection of five marvelous coastal towns of Italy on the Sea of Liguria. … Read More

Cape Bonavista coastline fence, by Tatiana Travelways

Cape Bonavista Coastline Fence

Cape Bonavista coastline fence I generally like fences visually, not theoretically… 😉 They make a delimitation between spaces and create a focal point to an image that otherwise would not have too much visual appeal. In… Read More

Time Portal Cuba-by Dawn Currie

Cuban Art – Time Portal by Dawn Currie

Cuban Art – Time Portal Photographer’s Paradise In once-prosperous Trinidad, Cuba time stands still. The signs of its former splendor are evident in the colorful Colonial architecture and in the local and European luxuries on display… Read More

Vintage buildings and dramatic sky, a dreamlike seascape in Venice by Eduardo José Accorinti

Vintage buildings and dramatic sky, a dreamlike seascape in Venice, Italy

Vintage buildings, dramatic sky and dreams in the air in the beautiful city of Venice, Italy Venice has many of the most picturesque vintage buildings you´ll find anywhere. They are one of the reasons why you… Read More

Utah country road

Utah Country Roads

Utah Country Roads As we traveled a lot I was able to see and shoot a few country roads through villages, mountains, prairies and desert… This post will focus only on country roads we’ve been on… Read More

Arch to Arch

Arch to Arch Citta della Pieve Umbria Italy

Citta della Pieve is a beautiful medieval hill town in Umbria in Central Italy. This image shows a view down through a dark alleyway under a stone archway. We look through to the bright sunshine beyond…. Read More

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