Donaueschingen Danube River Spring

Donaueschingen Danube River Source

Donaueschingen Danube River Source – A place worth visiting. The top image of this post features “Donau Quelle” which is the German for Danube River Spring. For those who don’t know, Danube is the second biggest… Read More

No Trespassing sign

No Trespassing Historic Sign

No Trespassing historic sign, dating back to 1869 in Wells, Nevada I saw and photographed this poster/sign in Wells, an old almost ghost town in Nevada. The town is full of history from the time when Chinese,… Read More

Dominion Cape Breton old school

Dominion Cape Breton Nova Scotia

Dominion Cape Breton, a Heritage Community in Nova Scotia, Canada Dominion is an incorporated community on the East coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (Indian Bay), founded in 1906. Originally it was part of the Dominion… Read More

Challis Idaho

Challis Idaho, a quiet historic town – no question about it..

Challis Idaho, a quiet historic town – no question about it… Main street and old historic wooden buildings in Challis, the largest city in Custer County, Idaho, founded in 1878. – Most of the city’s large… Read More

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