Switzerland – Cabins in Snow Watercolor Paintings

Switzerland – Cabins in Snow  Watercolor Paintings by Sabina von Arx Cabins in the Grison Alps Wooden cabins and barns in the wonderful winter landscape in the Sertig Valley, Switzerland.  The Sertig Valley is located in… Read More

Patagonian raspberry farmlands in El Bolsón, photograph by Eduardo José Accorinti

Patagonian raspberry farmlands in El Bolsón, Argentina

Patagonian raspberry farmlands in El Bolsón, Argentina This is an image of patagonian raspberry farmlands in El Bolsón, a picturesque city full of enchant in the province of Río Negro (Black River in English), in Argentina…. Read More

Who said Mexicans were poor

Who said Mexicans were poor…? – an unusual encounter!

Who said Mexicans were poor…?? Click on the photos for a larger view. This is a view from the back of a classic Mercedes Benz car, cruising one of the narrow downhill streets in Guanajuato, Mexico. Well,… Read More

The Snowbirds in Flight

The Sbowbirds in Flight producing aerodynamic shaped patterns on the blue sky of Ottawa, Canada

The Snowbirds in Flight – Royal Canadian Air Force. A few years ago I had the chance to watch and of course photograph this fantastic acrobatic flight demonstration by the Royal Canadian Air Force. The Snowbirds… Read More

Greece – The Ancient Windmills of Mykonos

Painting of the old Windmills on Mykonos Island by Sabina von Arx Click here to see many options of the windmill painting (Wall Art and Home Decor) in my online art gallery! Ancient Windmills of Mykonos… Read More

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