Quiet Morning on Fogo Island Newfoundland

It was a quiet morning on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, and laundry day at the house nearby the place where we were renting our apartment for a 2 weeks vacation. I think it was during the weekend… 🙂

Wandering around with my camera, I noticed this so inviting scene of freshly washed clothes hanging down from the clothesline, on a calm blue sky, with the moon still up above. What can be more relaxing and serene?

Laundry Day in Newfoundland

Quiet morning in Fogo Island, Newfoundland and laundry day by Tatiana TravelwaysHere is another version of the scene, taken from a slightly different angle. The moon is still there, but under the clothes – do you see it? 🙂

Laundry Art Print featuring the photograph Laundry Morning In Fogo Island, Newfoundland by Tatiana Travelways

Fogo Island is a dream location for people who want to relax and get out from a busy modern life, but also for artists and photographers.

Don’t take me wrong though. Fogo Island life is quite busy with a lot of fishing activity – they also have in industrial fishery. But in the weekend everything and everybody is at rest, abiding to the weekend rules. This is how the fishery looks like Sunday morning:

Sunday Morning On Fogo Island by Tatiana Travelways

That weekend the Atlantic Ocean water of Fogo coves was like a mirror – what a beauty!

Morning still

Morning Still Art Print featuring the photograph Morning Still On Fogo Island by Tatiana Travelways

Weekend Rest On Fogo Island

These are two more scenes of fishing boats resting on wooden wharfs

Weekend Rest On Fogo Island

Fishing Boat Art Print featuring the photograph Fishing Boat At Rest by Tatiana Travelways

These pictures of the quiet morning in Fogo Island are also available as art prints at Fine Art America. Click on the images for more options on types of prints, sizes and prices:

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  1. I love your photo of laundry! I am beginning to fill a file folder of Mexican laundry, so colorful! Something about laundry, so basic and earthy.

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