Jellyfish Digital Art

Jellyfish floating – digital art

Jellyfish digital art by Tatiana Travelways

This is a Jellyfish floating underwater in the Atlantic Ocean on the Canadian coast.

I took this photo while waiting for the ferry between Nova Scotia and Newfoudland to come.

Sitting on the wharf and looking at the wavering water, I saw this beautiful Jellyfish coming to the surface from the deep of the ocean, and watched her.

Soft and quiet, almost like a whisper, she was graciously floating in a beautiful ballet… it was a little difficult to see her trough the surface of the water, but I thought to try a shot – I just couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste.

I didn’t have the telephoto installed, but my camera is highly performant and with the “all purpose” lens on, I tried to manually focus on her as much as possible  –

I hardly could wait to see the image on the computer the next day… It was a little blurred, so I digitally enhanced it and also cropped it a lot for a close-up on the creature.

The final art print is not very big, but it still shows well above a counter, or on other home decor items 🙂

Click on it for more info on types of prints, sizes and prices:

Jellyfish wall art print by Tatiana Travelways

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