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    Hi Dear TravelArtPix members,

    I know it’s Sunday, but this is a task I have to do… 🙂


    Some challenges of the week are still continuing (not all of them start in the same day)

    see my last email to you here:

    1. PATH

    It looks the new theme of the week is “Path”

    • This challenge started yesterday and will continue until next Saturday:

    • This one just started 3 days ago for a week, but it looks like it’s permanent – You only have to post in the right week

    Which Way Challenge: September 20, 2018

    so “Follow them” to stay up to date, and make a post that shows and say something about path(s).

    You can link the same post to both and you can also link an older post that is somehow related to the theme…

    Make sure you insert the tag Path and the link to their challenge into your post.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you like their post, make a comment and the same thing to some other posts participating in the respective challenge.

    When you receive a like or a comment – ALWAYS RECIPROCATE!


    These theme that generally has good quality artworks, is still going until Tuesday (2 days left), but I thing its an exciting subject.

    Tuesday Photo Challenge – Light and Dark

    ** My own entries are: ( this is a new post I created for this challenge)

    and (this is an older post)


    Please go back to the Instructions: part two, and re-read about how to use the keywords:

    Protected: How to Create a BlogPost 2

    For example: You will NEVER rank in the Search Engines (SE’s) for keywords like: Cuba. Cuban, Cinque, Colorful houses

    Please go to Posts: All posts from the left side menu, and see my own keywords. Modify yours, including yours post to still have the green light, but NEVER change the “slug” – just modify the post the best you can.

    • TIP: Use your slug (without dashes) as your keyword

    *** I have to mention that so far the best is Richard Krebs he had a slow start, but I pushed him and he did a very good job with his posts! 🙂
    – Bravo Richard!

    Have a great Sunday,


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