Dragon Parade, Krakow, Poland

Dragon Parade Krakow Poland
Wawel Dragon Art Print featuring the photograph Great Dragon Parade by Juli Scalzi

The annual 18th Great Dragon Parade event featured an evening river parade of huge colorful dragons floating above the Vistula River in front of Wawel Castle to a backdrop of lasers, fireworks and music. The event is one of Krakow’s cultural highlights and is enjoyed by thousands of locals as well as tourists.

The Wawel dragon is the most famous dragon in Poland. It is rooted in Krakow`s tradition and culture and is well known to every Polish child. You can’t miss it when in town, really – the dragon is present everywhere . . . in the streets, schools, offices, radio and TV stations, literature, theater, advertisements and commercials.   Legend has it that the evil dragon used to live in a cave under the castle by the river.  Every day the evil dragon would beat a path of destruction across the countryside, killing people, pillaging their homes, and devouring their livestock.  In many versions of the story, the dragon especially enjoyed eating young maidens.  The dreadful beast was slain many, many years ago by a clever young man and thankfully, no longer terrorizes the neighborhood.

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