Medieval destination in a modern era, a look at Ponte Vecchio in Florence by Eduardo José Accorinti

Medieval destination in a modern era, a look at Florence

Medieval destination in a modern era, a look at the beautiful Firenze, Italy

Medieval destination in a modern era, a look at Ponte Vecchio in Florence by Eduardo José Accorinti
Florence is a beautiful city in Italy with many attractions to visit, an incredible medieval destination for sure. It’s an ideal place for architecture lovers, and if you like medieval cities, you’ll really enjoy it. Visiting Florence is like a travel in time. One of the first things you´ll probably want to see there is this beautiful bridge, Ponte Vecchio. A bit of background on it:

The bridge spans the Arno at its narrowest point where it is believed that a bridge was first built in Roman times, when the via Cassia crossed the river at this point. The Roman piers were of stone, the superstructure of wood. The bridge first appears in a document of 996. After being destroyed by a flood in 1117 it was reconstructed in stone but swept away again in 1333 save two of its central piers, as noted by Giovanni Villani in his Nuova Cronica. It was rebuilt in 1345.

Source: Wikipedia

As you can see in the image, other more modern buildings surround this bridge. Also its big structure homes various stores, so you can go shopping if you wish. I suggest you to visit it at sunset or even better, at dawn. That way you´ll get the most magical views of and from the bridge. The first image of this post has not been taken at sunset nor at dawn, I just created two versions of it. The following is the one that preserves the original midday light and colors:

Medieval destination in a modern era, a look at Ponte Vecchio in Florence by Eduardo José Accorinti

Cathedrals and Palaces

Another impressive piece of architecture in this medieval destination is the well known cathedral Santa María del Fiore, or the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, located in Piazza del Duomo (the Duomo´s Square). Its gothic style and the vintage buildings around it will make you feel like you´re in the middle of a medieval city. This is one of the views you can get of it from the streets. I like how the diagonal line composed by the buildings leads the view to the cathedral:

Medieval destination in a modern era, a look at Santa María del Fiore in Florence by Eduardo José Accorinti

Just look at that scene and tell me if it doesn´t feel like a fragment of medieval magic in a modern era. I love this city! If you´re planning your vacation, consider visiting this precious italian corner. Plus if you do, don´t miss the chance and visit one of the cities that I loved the most, the beautiful Venice. If you go to one of those places, it´s a shame not to visit the other, since they are very close to each other.

Another place that you can visit if you go to this magical city is the Pitti Palace. There you’ll be able to enter the galleries and visit the beautiful gardens of the Palace, the Boboli Gardens. The gallery has many rooms with sculptures, furniture and beautiful art masterpieces. It’s a must for art lovers or for those who want to see the old rooms of the Palace. On the other hand, the gardens are absolutely huge and labyrinthic. But I´ll cover this incredible place in another post.

From Firenze to your walls

You can get any of these images as prints for your home or office decoration. They are available on paper, canvas, acrylic, metal or wood. Also you can get them printed onto beautiful gift items and products. You have lots of options to make your perfect image part of your life, so I invite you to take a look 🙂 Click on any of the images on this post to see your options. To see more images and discover more beautiful locations of Firenze, click here.

Framed print of Ponte Vecchio with warm colors in Florence, Italy, by Eduardo José Accorinti Canvas print of Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy, by Eduardo José AccorintiCanvas print of Santa María del Fiore Cathedral in Florence by Eduardo José Accorinti

Now it´s your turn to tell me: have you visited Florence? How was your experience? What places did you visit there? Tell me all you want about this incredible medieval destination below in the comments.

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Cabo Sunrise by Connor Beekman

Cruise to Cabo San Lucas

“Cruise to Cabo San Lucas” by Connor Beekman

The hot sun shines down on a rocky hillside dotted with cacti and shrubs, while a plain blue sky spans above the arid landscape. Fewer than ten inches of rain fall each year in this desert environment, and temperatures can climb to 100 degrees Fahrenheit at almost any time of year.

The same hot sun shines down on a vivid blue ocean, which sparkles in response. The seascape is dotted with everything from fishing boats to yachts, pirate ships to cruise ships. Toward the horizon, a mighty humpback whale leaps from the water before crashing into the vast blue sea.

The ocean and the desert seem like two completely different worlds. Exact opposites. But there is a place where the arid landscape and vivid seascape come together in perfect harmony, a place called Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

El Arco by Connor Beekman

“El Arco”, the famous arch of Cabo San Lucas

.  .  .

In March 2018 I had the amazing opportunity to take a cruise to Cabo San Lucas with my family. The Ruby Princess cruise ship departed from Los Angeles and sailed a thousand miles down the coast of the Baja California peninsula. It was a short, five-day cruise with just one port.

It was a warm afternoon as the ship approached the southern tip of the peninsula. As we neared Cabo San Lucas, I could see the luxurious houses and hotels, both along the beach and perched atop the rocky cliffs. The sandy beaches, gorgeous water, and warm weather made it easy to understand why so many people wish to visit or live here.

Cliffs of Cabo San Lucas by Connor Beekman

The coastline of Cabo, viewed from the cruise ship

.  .  .

Cruise ships that arrive in Cabo San Lucas anchor themselves about a mile from the shoreline. To reach land, passengers disembark from the ship onto small tender boats that make frequent trips between the ship and the docks. This is necessary because the port of Cabo San Lucas is too small and shallow for large ships.

For my family, the main event in Cabo was whale watching. We went out onto the water in a speedboat that carries about 30 people. The ride was bumpy at times, but very fun! We were fortunate to see quite a few humpback whales, including a mother with her calf. The whales were not particularly active, however. They would come to the surface to release water from their blowhole before diving back down in search of food. As a result, I didn’t get any impressive photos of the whales. But that’s okay. Sometimes it’s best to simply enjoy the moment and not worry about getting the perfect shot.

.  .  .

After our whale watching excursion, we spent some time exploring the town. Cabo San Lucas has a fun and lively atmosphere. Numerous shops and restaurants are located just steps away from the water. There’s no shortage of places to enjoy local food, have some drinks, or buy a souvenir. There is also a path that follows the perimeter of the marina, which makes for a pleasant stroll.

I had a great experience in Cabo San Lucas. It was a wonderful time spent with family, and a much-needed break from my busy school-life back home. Additionally, I captured some nice photos to add to my collection. Cabo San Lucas is a place that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys warm weather, activities on the water, and the fun food and music of Mexico.

Emerald Deck by Connor Beekman

Framed print of the image, “Emerald Deck”

.  .  .

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of my photos from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Click on any of the photos above to view purchase options. All images are available as prints on paper, canvas, metal, acrylic, and wood. Photo gifts such as greeting cards, throw pillows, and phone cases are also offered.

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Marina Bay Sands Resort - Singapore by Richard Krebs

Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Resort - Singapore by Richard Krebs

Marina Bay Sands Resort and Park

If you like futuristic, “out-of-the-box” architecture, then you must see the Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore, when you travel to Southeast Asia.  The three 55 story hotel towers are shaped like open decks of playing cards.  Why, you ask?  Because one of the features of the Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore is the world’s largest casino.

Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore

This image shows the three hotel towers (notice the open deck of playing cards look) and depicts the “skypark” above the 55 th floors of the complex.  The skypark offers an infinity pool, bar and lounge areas, as well as a fabulous view of the other parts of the resort below.  The end of the skypark is cantilevered 220 from the edge of the third tower.

The Marina Bay Sands “skypark” features a 490 foot

infinity pool, bar and lounge area.  Note the 220 foot

cantilevered end of the “skypark”.

Marina Bay Sands Resort - Singapore by Richard Krebs

Marina Bay Sands – Singapore “skypark”

Marina Bay Sands Resort - Singapore by Richard Krebs

Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore view from the “skypark” shows the Flower Garden (foreground) and the Rainforest (background) and portions of the resort’s park.







The resort also features walking paths, a sculpture garden and a lighted Ferris wheel (see it in the night shot above).

I love daring, contemporary architecture and have seen many examples of this around the world, but I have never seen anything more daring and phenomenal than the Marina Bay Sands Resort-Singapore.  When we arrived in Singapore, we were so tired from the trip from the U.S. that we were going to spend the day resting.  We decided to hop on one of the “hop-on-hop-off” buses just to relax and see the city.  When we arrived at the Marina Bay Sands Resort we were so enthralled with what we saw that we ended up spending the whole afternoon exploring this amazing resort.  It is truly a work of art and a one of a kind development.  It is not to be missed when visiting Singapore.





Natural lookout in Tarragona, photography by Eduardo Accorinti

Natural lookout in Tarragona, Spain

Natural lookout in Tarragona, Spain

Natural lookout in Tarragona, photography by Eduardo Accorinti

Spain is a country with many contrasts. There you can find ancient ruins and incredible landscapes, as well as beautiful modern architecture. This is a natural lookout right next to the old monastery of Escornalbou in Riudecanyes, a small town in the province of Tarragona, which is located in the region of Catalonia, Spain. This monastery is on the mountains, surrounded by trees and endless landscapes. And at its foot there is this natural lookout, from where you can admire the amazing views.

As you can see in the image, the clouds helped to create a magnificent scene, beautiful and magical. It felt like you could touch them, and this kind of scenes easily captivates me, since I love dramatic skies. But this one is not the only corner in Tarragona that´s worth seeing. In the old part of the city, you´ll find the gorgeous Roman walls that are part of an archaeological walk. From those walls you can get incredible views of the old city with picturesque vintage buildings of many different colors, again, surrounded by huge mountains. So this city is worth visiting, I mean it! If you want to see more images of Spain, including the area that surrounds the monastery of Escornalbou and the old city of Tarragona, click here.

From Spain to your home

Natural lookout in Tarragona on canvas by Eduardo José Accorinti

I love how this image looks as a canvas print. It can give a touch of serenity to any room. Click on the image if you want to see the options for your walls.

This image is available as a print for your home or office decoration. You can get your copy on paper, canvas, acrylic, metal or wood, or printed onto a beautiful gift item as well. Click on any of the images to see your options. May this scene bring peace and serenity to your soul every time you look at it. I hope you like it!

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Patagonian raspberry farmlands in El Bolsón, photograph by Eduardo José Accorinti

Patagonian raspberry farmlands in El Bolsón, Argentina

Patagonian raspberry farmlands in El Bolsón, Argentina

Patagonian raspberry farmlands in El Bolsón, photograph by Eduardo José Accorinti

You can see the sign with the spanish word “Frambuesa” on it, that means “Raspberry”. Click on the image to see how can you make this landscape part of your life.

This is an image of patagonian raspberry farmlands in El Bolsón, a picturesque city full of enchant in the province of Río Negro (Black River in English), in Argentina. This rustic town has many attractions for tourists. It’s often visited by travelers who go to San Carlos de Bariloche, one of the most beautiful cities in the argentine patagonia.

If you love to breathe pure air surrounded by green landscapes and amazing views with mountains and lakes, you should visit Bariloche! From there you will be able to visit other equally beautiful places like Villa La Angostura in Neuquén, another province, and of course, these farmlands. They are part of a jam factory located right next to them. Many tourists visit it, often in guided visits, and there is even a beer factory very close that you can visit too.

The city of El Bolsón is like a small spot surrounded by huge mountains. These patagonian raspberry farmlands are located a bit further away from the center of the city; just a bit though. By the way, there are free samples of LOTS of different jams at the factory, so you can try as many as you want. Then you can buy if you want, and you probably should, they are delicious indeed 🙂

Lands of memories

I really like the lines of the farmlands guiding your view towards the huge snowy mountains in the background. This is a common view there, and it’s so magical! There are some rustic houses among the trees. The big white clouds in the blue sky make it even more beautiful to my eyes. This is the kind of places that I love the most.

The thing is.. these landscapes make me remember good things, they bring amazing memories back to my mind. Even if those memories have nothing to do with the landscape or place itself! Why is that? I can´t be sure. Maybe it´s just that I feel so good when I´m in front of them, that I can´t avoid to think about other moments in which I felt the same way.

Now I´m curious, does this happen to you too? Do these incredible landscapes and places bring to you memories that have nothing to do with them? Or is it just me? I would be happy to know, so feel free to answer the question in the comments 🙂

Bring the peace to your walls

Patagonian raspberry farmlands in El Bolsón, photograph by Eduardo José Accorinti

This landscape does well as a framed print with a rustic wooden frame. Click on the image to see all the customization options available to create your perfect print.

As usual, this image is available as art print for your home or office decoration on paper, canvas, acrylic, metal or wood. It can be printed onto several beautiful items too. There are actually lots of options to choose from in order to make it part of your life. That way you can have a bit of this place, a touch of its magic, right with you. I love how it looks on coffee mugs, shower curtains and fleece blankets, but there are many more items 🙂 You can see how would it look on your walls as a framed print on the image above. Click on it, and then you´ll be able to see your options and customize your perfect print. To see more images of the Argentine patagonia, click here.

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Cruise ships in Cozumel Mexico

Cruise Ships in Cozumel Mexico

Cruise Ships in Cozumel Mexico.

Cruise Ships Art Print featuring the photograph Cruise Ships In Cozumel, Mexico by Tatiana Travelways

It is simply amazing to see these monster cruise ships in Cuzumel Mexico. My husband and I spent a few weeks in this beautiful location on the Caribbean Sea. The cruise port is very busy, and you can see these giants coming and going every day. They are so big that the people going in and out look literally like ants 🙂

Here is a close-up on one of them – I liked the patterns created by the rows of windows…

Cruise Ships Art Print featuring the photograph Cruise Ships In Cozumel, Mexico by Tatiana Travelways

Watching the cruise ships in Cozumel at night is a great thing to do if you are on an upper floor of a building nearby…

Late Art Print featuring the photograph Late Arrival In Cozumel by Tatiana Travelways

All these photos are available as art prints for your wall, home decor and accessories. Here are some examples of framed prints. But click on the images to see all the options:

Cruise ship arriving in Cozumel at night Close up on cruise ship framed art Cruise ships Cozumel framed art

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Sydney Skyline at Night by Kim Wilder Hinson

Sydney Skyline at Night

The Sydney skyline at night is magical with the lights of its iconic buildings and historic bridge reflecting in the river.

Since retiring, my husband and I have traveled nearly full time as house and cat sitters. Of course, I bring my camera along in hopes of recording some of the beauty we see around us.

Australia has always been on both our bucket lists. After saving lots of airline miles we could finally afford to go in 2018. Fortunately, we were approved for 12-month visas, allowing us to take our time exploring the country.

A few months into our stay, we decided to make a whirlwind four-day trip to Sydney. I’ve written a post on my Housesit The World site about some of the wonderful things to do and see in Sydney’s harbor area.

For the past year I’ve been practicing long-exposure photography. I couldn’t wait to try my hand at capturing the Sydney skyline at night. Just after sunset I set up across the river and waited for the perfect moment.

Sydney Skyline at Night by Kim Wilder Hinson

This panoramic photograph is the result. Leaving the shutter open for several seconds made the river’s water appear almost glassy, and the lights reflected so nicely on it. I hope it captures a little of this vibrant city’s beauty.

Sydney Skyline at Night can be printed on a variety of materials, but I think its colors really shine on acrylic. It is available for purchase in sizes ranging from 16” x 8.375” to as large as 60” x 31.125”.

Sydney Skyline at Night by Kim Wilder Hinson

Sydney Skyline at Night, shown here as a 60-inch-wide acrylic print, would look lovely over a large piece of furniture.


Who said Mexicans were poor

Who said Mexicans were poor…? – an unusual encounter!

Who said Mexicans were poor…?? Click on the photos for a larger view.

Who Said Mexicans Were Poor - Narrow Street in Guanajuato, Mexico, by Tatiana Travelways

This is a view from the back of a classic Mercedes Benz car, cruising one of the narrow downhill streets in Guanajuato, Mexico. Well, who said the Mexicans were poor?

I actually saw them coming from the top. It was a little unusual to see such a car going down on those narrow streets. They were also holding an umbrella to protect them from the sun. I cheap substitute for a real convertible top? Nevertheless, Mexicans are creative 🙂

Narrow streets and Mercedes car in Guanajuato, Mexico

The image with the front view of the people is not for sale (other than for editorial purpose). However the photo taken from the back, is available as art print in Fine Art America – my Guanajuato gallery.

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Which Way

Empire State Building by Sharon Popek

The Beauty of Solo Travel

Traveling alone is a double edged sword. The beauty of solo travel allows for a great deal of freedom. I decide where to go and when. I get to choose whether we walk or take transportation. Also, taking the stairs is always on the table. I am not a fan of elevators, but most people I travel with love them and insist on their use when available. I can eat what I want when I want. None of that, “didn’t we just eat?” business. However, as a woman, it is sometimes a little scary, especially after dark. But some chances I am willing to take.

I recently spent 5 days in New York City, alone. On Tuesday, I decided to go to Times Square and the Empire State Building. Times Square was fine. There were not that many people there at that time, so it was easy to get around and get some great photos. After that, I walked over to the Empire State Building. I entered the lobby, but did not want to go up. So many people in the elevators (one of the things I hate about elevators). I left after looking around a bit.

After a long afternoon nap (not an option when traveling with others, usually), I decided to go over and see it at night. There were not very many people there, so I decided to go ahead and go up. The elevator was empty! My lucky day, I guess. The view was magical with all the twinkling New York City lights below. Be sure to see some of those photos here.

After leaving, I turned around to look up at the top and noticed some nice clouds rolling in. The effect is dramatic and eye catching.

Empire State Building by Sharon Popek

Empire State Building at Night, the view from below. ©Sharon Popek

I would never have gotten this photo, if I were traveling with someone. We most likely would have gone up during the day or maybe not at all. Sometimes, I forget to look back when I’m traveling with someone. I get sidetracked talking about where to eat or what to do next. This was a great solo trip. I look forward to sharing more photos with you soon.

This image is available as an art print in various sizes and finishes.

Colorful hilltop buildings in Guanajuato Mexico

Colorful hilltop buildings in Guanajuato, Mexico

Colorful hilltop buildings in Guanajuato Mexico

Colorful hilltop buildings in Guanajuato Mexico by Tatiana Travelways

There are a lot of colors in Guanajuato Mexico. Some even say that this is the most beautiful city in the country. I don’t know if it’s the most beautiful, but it is nevertheless on the top of the list 🙂

Colorful hilltop buildings in Guanajuato Mexico

What makes this city stand apart, are the hills covered by lots of colorful buildings and houses. You can see them from no matter where you are.

This is a vertical shot of the same hill in Guanajuato..

Colorful Houses Art Print featuring the photograph Colorful Houses In Guanajuato 2 by Tatiana Travelways

As a mining town/city, the area is surrounded by hills, which in time were populated mainly by working class residencies. We stayed almost on the top of this hill in a beautiful house of a former mining engineer.

Colorful Art Print featuring the photograph Colorful Hilltop Houses In Guanajuato, Mexico by Tatiana Travelways

Without doubt, Mexicans like colors…. and Guanajuato proves it!.

Some of these colorful hilltop buildings in the city are basic, even deteriorated, but some are rich and full of history.

Guanajuato is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Here is a view of the historic downtown, taken from one of the hills. From up above you can see some splendid panoramas of the city. Here for instance, you can notice the central Basilica, the University of Guanajuato (white), and the main street in-between the two most prominent buildings.

Downtown Guanajuato Art Print featuring the photograph Downtown Guanajuato, Mexico by Tatiana Travelways

On the hills around there is a mix of architecture – typical Mexican, but the overall look is definitely colored 🙂
* I have more photos on the city’s downtown, but in this post I will stick with the colorful hilltop buildings in Guanajuato Mexico. In this shot you can see some of them taken from the lower level of the city. In this area, the houses have a more superior level of maintenance than in the upper area of the city. It is obviously, on one of the main streets going downtown.

Colorful Hilltop Buildings And Sign In Guanajuato, Mexico by Tatiana Travelways

All the colorful hilltop buildings in Guanajuato, Mexico shown in this post are available as art prints at Fine Art America. Just click on them an you can have prints on various sizes, types and prices for your home decor and more.. You can see them all in my Guanajuato collection.

Colorful buildings in Guanajuate art print mounted on the wall

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