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I am the 8th photographer in the past 4 generations of my family. I guess you could say photography is in my blood; or maybe, that's really hypo in my veins! By the time I was 4 or 5 years old, I was standing on a stool in the darkroom just so I was tall enough to help my dad develop pictures. It was my job to move the prints from the hypo into the water bath. I went to college for interior design which was probably a huge shock for the family. After I graduated, I had a long successful career as an art buyer and designer for a large home furnishings company. Then 2006 came around with a major life change, my husband accepted a job traveling and I decided to put my career on hold to tag along. In the process, I found my 'roots' again. What started out as 'casual snapshots' eventually evolved into an obsession to capture every location and object as 'art'. By meshing my two loves, photography and design, I have come full circle. Only now, I am creating art instead of just buying it!

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