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Dear artists,

You may have wondered what’s all about TravelArtPix and WHY you should participate in this website/blog…

Well, here is a quick list of benefits:

1. Worldwide Exposure

The MAIN BENEFIT comes from something that many members of FAA groups don’t realize: The discussions in the FAA groups are set-up to be ignored by Search Engines – therefore the posts are practically invisible to the world.

* For example, if you search on Google for “Pictures of USA” (this page/discussion in our group: https://fineartamerica.com/groups/1-travel-art.html?showmessage=true&messageid=4045955 – you will NEVER find it – It simply doesn’t exist on the web.

  • Therefore it’s pointless to insert your “Featured Images” or any other pictures into these discussions – forget! it’s a waste of time!

When I realized this I just stopped wasting my time and participating in group’s discussions. I’m just submitting the images to the main galleries.

  • Not only does this website have full exposure to the public, but it’s optimized to rank well on the SE’s and to attract the targeted market out there (the potential buyers of travel related artwork as prints)

2. The Power of Blogging

It is true that a picture is worth one thousand words…, but without words that picture, no matter how good it is, will be less likely to be found and sell…

  • more we talk about it and advertise it, more chances there are that somebody will see it and be ready to buy it.

Throughout the history sales have always been driven by words – people like to hear words and related stories, and when it comes to art, talking with the potential buyers is the way to go… Descriptions are good, but stories about our personal approach, motivation and vision are unique and can build a powerful relationship between us and the audience.

  • This website is like having your own blog, but more powerful. This is because it is a whole community of artists who (will) contribute with their own entries – more content (properly done) more chances for a higher ranking.
  • You can for sure have your own blog and FAA offers this tool, only that I tried it and gave up – it’s very difficult to use…

** You can also have your own blog at wp.com but it’s way too expensive to buy, especially considering that we have a lot of images to upload and they give very little space, unless you go with the most expensive package.
(I suggest however that you go and register with a free account).

3. Other marketing tools

a. From this blog we can also link to the Social Media of our choice

b. We will expose our artwork by artist, media and categories and we’ll learn from each other

c. We’ll participate in challenges that will bring traffic, etc.

I Love Comments! Thank your for visiting :)

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