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Travel Art

Travel Photography and Fine is a Travel Art Club Blog, featuring Travel Photography and Fine Art from the Top Travel Artists at Fine Art America.

This blog complements the existing “Travel Art” group of photographers and fine artists who got together to express the beauty of travel.

As a Top Class Club, only the Highest Quality Artwork of the group will be featured.

Capturing the Essence of Travel

Sunday Morning In GuatemalaWhether through pure Travel Photography, Digital Artwork or Fine Art Masterpieces, at we love to capture unique moments of life and the inner soul of places in the world.

Our Travel Art goes from cityscapes, historic places, architecture, street scenes, people, culture and documentary photos, to landscape and nature, all high quality travel related artwork of our FAA group.

Here you will see places you dreamed of visiting, or learn about others that you may not even thought existed. Our artwork may also satisfy your nostalgia of places you have already seen and would like to see again through an artistic eye.

Our artists have a real love for travel and they’re just “dying” to tell what they have experienced. Check our Travel Destinations and our Travel Stories (still in progress).

All the pictures are available for you as Art Prints in various formats, and sizes.

From Our Art Passion to Your Wall and Home Decor

Harness Race Framed Print on the WallSharing our perceptions and emotions throughout travel art is what we do at

We are all independent artists, producing original unique artwork… choose from our galleries the perfect picture to decorate your home and accessorize your life.

All travel pictures are available as fine art prints for Wall and Home Decor, Accessories and Gifts. Click on any one you like, to see all the options on various print types, sizes and prices, from each artist’s portfolio.

Travel lovers and fine art collectors have been fully satisfied over the years with our work. Click here to see our latest sales.

Whether you would like to beautify your walls, decorate your bathroom or just send a greeting card, you will be 100% satisfied – Money back guaranteed!


*This is a very new Website and some construction activities may occur along the way, so please pardon the dust…

** Artists, please read this first!

Pai Sopra Italy*** Last but not least, I’d like to emphasize the outstanding participation of our fine artist first pioneer of this site, Sabina Von Arx. She has never built a web page before, but wanted to learn and do it right. Not only is Sabina delighting us with her astonishing paintings, but she did such a great work with her three posts, where she even inserted music!! – Please look at her work to get inspired! Congratulations Sabina Von Arx and many thanks for your help with the feed-back and suggestions!


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